Open Circles

These 12 circles are open to all womyn and girls desiring knowledge and experiential work with the multifaceted aspects of Goddess in ritual. These are NOT drop-in circles; please let us know in advance if you are planning to participate, before the day of the ritual. Please see our participation information.

Gathering time is 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2019 ~ Fall 2019

Monday, May 6th, 2019
Lei Day & Laka Hawaiian Goddess of the Forest & Hula.  (Please note ritual is 11am – 4pm).
Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019
Celebrate Baubo Greek Goddess of Laughter & Humor.
Waning Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, June 1st, 2019
Celebrate Juno Roman Goddess of Family & Tribes, Justice, Commerce & Travel, Mother & Guardian. Temple Sacred Flame.
Waning Moon in Taurus.

Friday, June 21st, 2019
Celebrate Summer Solstice & Sekhmet Egyptian Sun Goddess & Temple Sacred Flame.
Waning Moon in Aquarius.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019
Celebrate Junkgowa Aboriginal Ocean Goddess of Australia.
Waxing Half Moon in Libra.

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019
Celebrate Xochiquetzal Aztec Goddess of Love, Beauty & Household Arts & Flowers.
New Moon in Leo.

Thursday, August 15th, 2019
Celebrate Lunar Lammas & Atna Mother Corn Goddess of the Arikara Indian.
Full Moon in Aquarius.

Monday, August 26th, 2019
Celebrate Laksmi with an evening of chanting Her Mantra.
Waning Moon in Cancer.

Sunday, September 8th, 2019
Celebrate Yemaya Yoruban Goddess of the Ocean with our Annual Pilgrimage to the Sea.  (Please note ritual time is 11am – 4 pm)
Waxing Moon in Capricorn.

Saturday, October 12th, 2019
Celebrate Ataensic Grandmother Moon Goddess of the Iroquois.
Full Moon in Aries.

Friday, October 25th, 2019
Annual Womyn’s Spiral Dance Celebrating the Ancestors & the Crones.
Waning Moon in Libra.