During the cycle of the year, our Temple often provides spiritual pilgrimages (retreats). We use the work Pilgrimage rather than retreat because we travel to sacred lands, and create a sacred space in which to gather to learn more about the Goddess, our Aloha-Dianic tradition, have rituals and celebrations, and to learn more about the people and cultures of the area’s visited.

New Orleans PilgrimageThursday,
March 23rd ~ Monday, March 27th 2017

What a wonderful pilgrimage we had to New Orleans.   It was extra special that we had Chief Luisah Teish along to share her history with NOLA.  We visited with several of the spiritual elders, went to Congo Square and danced along with the African drumming that has been going on for decades, saw a fantastic theatrical show on Africa, and many more lovely excursions.  And we did all of this with 11 members of the temple.

I look forward to our next pilgrimage which will be to the Sekhmet temple in Las Vegas in 2018.  Stay tuned for more information.